Snow Criminal Defense Services

Criminal defense attorney representing individuals convicted in Colorado State trial courts and individuals convicted in military courts-martial. Legal representation in postconviction matters before Colorado State trial courts and in appellate matters before the Colorado Court of Appeals and the Colorado Supreme Court. Legal representation in appeals of court-martial convictions in the military appeals courts.

Our Services

Attorney Barbara (Barb) Snow represents individuals who stand convicted of criminal offenses. She represents clients in Colorado state trial and appellate courts, as well as Service Members convicted of charges in military appeals courts, seeking postconviction (to include appellate) relief for clients.  

Attorney Snow received her license to practice law from the State of Connecticut in October 2005.  She is also licensed to practice law in Colorado.  Her Colorado state licensure permits her to represent clients in Colorado State courts, and her Connecticut and Colorado licenses qualify her to represent Service Members in military tribunals.    


Colorado State Court Criminal (Misdemeanor and Felony) Cases

*  Probation Revocation Hearings
*  Postconviction Proceedings – Rule 35(a), Rule 35(b) and Rule 35(c) motions and any evidentiary hearings granted on those motions

Colorado State Court Criminal Appeals 

* Direct Appeals of Colorado State Criminal Convictions and Sentences
* Appeals of Trial Court Postconviction Orders

Military Criminal Appeals from Court-Martial Convictions 

*  Direct Appeals of Court-Martial Convictions and Sentences